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[Can milk tea be soaked in cold water]_Cool water_Can you

[Can milk tea be soaked in cold water]_Cool water_Can you

Milk tea is a very common drink in life. Many people usually like milk tea. However, it is best to use hot water when brewing milk tea. It cannot be brewed with cold water. Milk tea is brewed with cold water.Does not melt the milk tea powder in milk tea, so it is best not to use cold water to make milk tea. Although milk tea is delicious, it is best to drink less. There are a lot of additives in milk tea. Frequent drinking is not good for human health.

Milk tea was originally a daily drink of nomadic peoples in northern China, and it has a history of at least 1,000 years.

It has spread throughout the world since the Yuan Dynasty. Currently, different types of milk tea are popular in Greater China, Central Asian countries, India, Arabia, Britain, Malaysia, Singapore and other regions.

Milk tea in the Mongolian Plateau and Central Asia has not changed for thousands of years, and it is still an essential drink for daily operations and hospitality.

Other regions have different flavors of milk tea. For example, Indian milk tea is famous for its special flavors with Marsala; stocking milk tea originating in Hong Kong and pearl milk tea originating in Taiwan are also unique.

Milk tea has the dual nutrition of milk and tea. It is one of the home-made foods and is popular in the world.

Milk tea varieties include milk tea powder, iced milk tea, hot milk tea, sweet milk tea, salted milk tea and so on.

Traditional salted milk tea is mashed and cooked in a white water pot.

After the tea is boiled and boiled until the tea is strong, remove the tea with a colander, continue to cook for a while, and use a spoon to raise the tea while cooking. After it is improved and concentrated, add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or milk powder, and use a spoonWhen the tea and milk blend together, the pot will turn into a rich and fragrant milk tea.

Method of boiling milk tea: 1.

Fry millet (flowering is like popcorn); 2.

Cook brick tea (red); 3.

Take out the tea leaves (just leave the soup and not the leaves) or pour out the tea, so the tea leaves are very clean without any tea residue; 4.

Pour fried millet, boil for 2 minutes, and then pour pure milk (not bag milk, which is not delicious); 5.

Boil for another 4 minutes, add a small amount of salt; 6.

You can also add grease (a small amount or not); 7.

Ready to taste.

Sweet milk tea 1.

Add black tea to the teapot strainer and pour a small amount of boiling water. After the tea leaves are unfolded, filter off the tea water for the first time.


Pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water and let it stand for about 3 minutes.


Add caster sugar to the cup.


Pour into the black tea tea that has been preliminarily opened and stir well.


Heat the milk until warm, pour into the tea water and stir well.


Take a fine mesh strainer and place it on the cup.


Pour milk tea.


Pour the filtered milk tea into the cup to replace it.

The amount of black tea, milk and sugar can be adjusted according to personal taste.