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[Can eggplants and cucumbers be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

[Can eggplants and cucumbers be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

Eggplant cucumber and these two ingredients can be eaten together. There is no effect of eating these two together. It is recommended that you understand the method of making eggplant cucumber.

The two eggplants and cucumbers can be fried together. We can learn how to do them, but we must pay attention to the cucumbers and eggplants. Slowly put the cucumbers in so that the cucumbers are more crispy. Pay attention to the stir-fried ones.Time is fine.

Cucumbers and eggplants can be cooked together.

The practice of fried eggplant with cucumber: Ingredients: 300g eggplant, 1 cucumber: ingredients: oil, salt, garlic, seasoning 1, eggplant, cut and reserve.

2. Cut the cucumbers and set aside.

3, hot oil, smashed garlic slices.

4, pour eggplant and stir fry.

5. Add the right amount of seasoning and continue to stir fry.

6, when the eggplant is almost cooked, add cucumber.

7, add an appropriate amount of table salt.

8. Turn to low heat and stir fry enough.

Note: Be sure to add the cucumber later. The cucumber is crunchy to make it delicious.

1. Radish: kill the same food with oranges, and suffer from goiter with the same food; avoid Polygonum multiflorum, Dihuang; avoid eating with ginseng; avoid eating with carrots.

2. Carrots: Should not be eaten with tomatoes, radishes, peppers, pomegranates, lettuce, papaya and other fruits.

It is best eaten alone or cooked with meat.

3. Cucumber: Should not be cooked with vegetables with high vitamin C content such as tomatoes, peppers, and celery.

4, sweet potato: (sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, potato); can not eat with persimmons, the two together to form stomach persimmon stone, causing bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, can cause stomach bleeding, etc. in severe cases, life-threatening; also not withEat the same bananas.

5. Leek: Do not eat with spinach, both have the effect of smooth intestines, easily cause diarrhea; do not eat with honey, eat with food is heartbreaking; do not eat with beef, eat with food is hot.

6, eggplant: over-cooked eggplant is not suitable to eat, easy to poison.

7, spinach: avoid leek; should not eat with tofu, the same food makes people lack of calcium.

8, pumpkin: incredible vitamin c vegetables, fruits with food.

Avoid eating with pepper.

9, coriander: do not eat with all tonics; avoid atractylodes, peony skin.

10, amaranth: avoid eating with vinegar.

11, bracken: avoid eating with soybeans, peanuts, edamame.

Supplement; Banana: Should not be eaten with sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, mung bean scallions, and syringa platycodon