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[Is lemon honey water soaked in boiling water?

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Lemon honey water is a common drink in life. Many people usually like to drink lemon honey water, but when you brew lemon honey water, it is best to use warm water because the vitamins in lemon are easily broken down by heating.And honey water is best not to use boiling water, it is easy to cause the loss of nutrients in honey, in general, lemon honey water is best to use more than 40 degrees warm water.

What water temperature is suitable for lemon honey water? Do not use boiling water when soaking or preparing lemon honey water, because honey contains enzymes (enzymes). Boiling water will affect the activity of enzymes. When it encounters boiling water, it will release excess hydroxymethyl sugar acidTo destroy the nutritional content of honey, it is best to prepare it with warm boiling water. Generally, warm water of about 30 to 40 degrees is selected.

However, it should be noted that if the lemon honey water is made by the brewing method, the lemon will not be soaked at this temperature.

Therefore, it is best to soak the lemon slices in water at a temperature of 80 degrees or higher before adding honey, so that the nutrition of the lemon is released and the nutrition in the honey will not be destroyed.

How to make a glass of healthy lemon honey water 1, first boil the water, replace the fresh lemon, and slice.

2, pour boiling water, soak a glass of soaked lemon first, probably add water, don’t add honey first, hot water will destroy the nutritional content of honey.

3, add honey after the water is cool, you can add the refrigerator in summer, the effect is better.

Lemon slices need to be soaked with hot water. Some people say that lemons cannot be soaked with hot water, for fear of vitamin C loss.

In fact, the lemon water should not be too cold, otherwise the fragrance will not come out.

Due to the increased acidity of lemon, vitamin C has better heat resistance under acidic conditions, and it is not as easy to lose as expected. The temperature of water in the lemon slice above 60 degrees is completely fine.

Besides, drinking lemonade is not the only one for that vitamin C.

When the temperature rises, the acidity of the food will be stronger, so the hot lemonade will overflow more acidic.

Lemon honey water marinating method 1, choose fresh lemons, it does not matter whether the skin is thick or thin, it must be fresh.

2. Wash the selected fresh lemons, remove the head and tail, and slice them. The thickness is appropriate.

3. Find the honey with the container of lemon honey.

4. Put the lemons one by one into the jar of lemon honey.

Put a slice of honey on a slice of lemon.

For a bit sweeter, sprinkle a small amount of granulated sugar on each slice of lemon.

But eating too much sugar is not good for your health. In fact, honey is enough.

5. After everything is filled, pour honey and cover the lemon slices.

Then close the jar.

Write the production date on it, put it in the refrigerator, and it can be used directly after one week.

Each time a slice of lemon comes out, pour some juice into a cup, and then prepare with warm water.