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[How to make braised crabs]_How to make braised products_How to make

[How to make braised crabs]_How to make braised products_How to make

People usually eat steamed or boiled crabs, and some people also prefer braised crabs. The taste of braised crabs is more delicious than other methods. Although it may cause some nutrition loss, it is alsoA great way to eat.

There are many ways to make braised crabs. However, if you want to make delicious braised crabs, you need some skills. Let’s introduce in detail how the braised crabs are delicious?

How to make marinade: First, celery section, round onion block, green pepper section 1 each.

5 kg, wash and control the water, press into the cooking machine to squeeze the juice, filter residue, and store in a fresh refrigerator at 0 ° C; wash 5 slices of garlic, wipe the water with a dry towel, and pulverize into fine particles into a grinder.

Then, 5 kg of pure water, add salt, 50 grams each of MSG, boil over high heat, turn off the heat, cool to 0 ℃, add vegetable juice, minced garlic, 20 grams of sugar, stir well.

And when you want the crab, you can also wash the crab with a brush, control the water, put it in a stainless steel bucket, pour the marinade, cover it in a 0 ℃ fresh refrigerator, soak it for 48 hours, and use a knife when serving.Just cut it off.

In addition, brine crabs can be harvested as soon as they are used, as long as the refrigerator is kept at 0 ° C, which can be stored for 10 days.

In addition, the minced garlic in the marinade must be made with use, which can inhibit the effects of sterilization and fragrant. Do not leave it for a long time!

Method: Braised crab crabs need to be prepared in advance: 4 crab crabs, 150 grams of marinade, 40 grams of high-grade liquor, 150 grams of Huadiao wine, 30 grams of rock sugar, 2 anise stars, 1 section of cinnamon, 4 slices of fragrant leaves,3 grams of pepper, 6 dried peppers, moderate salt, 20 grams of umami juice, 30 grams of thin soy sauce, 1 segment of ginger, 1 green onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 coriander.

1. Wash the crabs with water.

2. Add steam to the steamer for 15 minutes. 3, steam the crabs to cool 4. Put the right amount of water in the pot, add star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, pepper, dried pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, rock sugar and soak after boiling.Will 5, add raw soy sauce and umami juice, Huadiao wine, marinade, salt.

6, boil again and turn off the heat, add the chopped coriander and let it cool down 7 after cooling, add the high-grade white wine 8 and pour the cooled marinade into the pot, be sure to immerse the crabs.

9. Put the lid in the refrigerator and refrigerate. After soaking for 24 hours, it is acceptable.

The effect of crab 1.

Clearing heat and detoxifying crabs. It is cold, tastes salty, returns to the liver, and has a meridian effect. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating stasis, relieving dampness and turning yellow, nourishing the liver and yin, and filling the stomach fluid.Vein, digestion.

Crab contains arginine, which can participate in energy metabolism and detoxification in the body. Eating crab in moderation can promote energy balance and excrete toxins in the body.


Yangjinhuoxue Chinese medicine believes that crab crab Yangxinhuoxue, through the meridian, the effect of nourishing bones and marrow.

It has certain therapeutic effects on diseases such as injuries, congestion, sore waist and legs, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Particularly suitable for people with bruises and fractures and stasis.


Enhance the immune protein rich in crabs and the essential nutrients of the human body, such as amino acids, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, vitamin A, B vitamins, etc., have a good nourishing effect on the body and help promote human tissuesCell repair and synthesis, improve immune function.