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[Effects and effects of shea butter]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effects and effects of shea butter]_Benefits_Benefits

Beauty is the nature of every girl, so women are very important for makeup, and basic skin care is also important. A shea butter can fully moisturize and moisturize the skin. Shea butterOil prevents the skin from cracking and is a natural skin care product.

Shea butter is produced in foreign countries and is also edible, and is widely respected.

Shea butter can also be used by children.

Shea nuts are widely distributed in Guinea, Africa and other places. The fruits are edible, and the nuts are used to produce shea butter.

Shea butter is the closest to the index of human sebum secretion. It contains rich non-saponifiable ingredients and is easily absorbed by the body. It can prevent dryness and cracking, and further restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. It has an incredible deep moisturizing effect.

It can also cause anti-inflammatory effects.

Shea butter is also called shea butter, shea butter, shea butter. Although unsaturated fatty acids are easy to absorb, it can strengthen the skin’s moisturizing ability. It can increase the moisturization of dry and keratinous skin.Take it.

Pure shea butter, with a soft and smooth texture, is the most effective natural moisturizer, promotes cell regeneration and repairs the skin’s water film, and can soften and soothe the skin.

Extracted directly from the fruits of the African Shea tree, 100% pure and natural, no additives, suitable for any skin, including children.

Product ingredients: Contains 5% shea butter, honey and oat milk, which effectively keeps skin soft and smooth and eliminates irritations.

Typical effect: light texture, silky emulsion, another emollient choice in warm seasons, most suitable for those who prefer emulsion texture or skin without changing the rich formula.

Contains 5% shea butter, honey and oat milk, effectively keeping skin soft and smooth, eliminating irritation and discomfort.

1. Pure natural vegetable oil, super strong anti-oxidant effect, mild and non-irritating; 2. Very close to the index of human body secreting oil

Enriched with non-saponifiable ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body.

3. Deeply moisturize and prevent dry cracking.

4, the protective film is formed on the skin surface, moisturizing, sun protection effect is significant.

5. Suitable for all kinds of babies and children’s skin inside sensitive skin, mild and non-irritating.

6. For adults, it can keep the skin natural elasticity.