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[Do you want to wash bacon]_Washing method_How to wash

[Do you want to wash bacon]_Washing method_How to wash

Eating bacon during the Spring Festival every year is a custom in many places, and eating bacon has been circulating until now. The bacon is very delicious. The bacon is usually used in many ways. The bacon can be fried with a lot of ingredients.Eat like garlic seedlings, potatoes, peas, etc. No matter what ingredients are used with, the bacon is delicious, but the bacon is usually smoked. Do you want to wash it before making it?

Do you want to wash bacon?

The bacon needs to be washed before making it.

How to clean bacon: Method one: when processing raw bacon, you can first soak it with hot water and then wash it with rice water; you can also burn the surface of the skin, and then scrape the burnt part with a knife and soak it in hot water; After processing, you can eat whatever you want!

Method two, the old bacon cannot be washed.

You can soak it in rice water for half an hour. If it is old bacon, you can put a spoonful of vinegar.

When cooking, cook in a cold water pan, boil for 1 or 2 minutes, then pour off the water and cook again with fresh cold water.

How to deal with bacon before eating: Before eating bacon, burn the bacon skin to a scorched surface with fire (using charcoal fire or a torch), darken, and soak in hot water until the surface of the bacon skin is soft and scrape off the surfaceThe burnt surface layer reveals the brownish bacon skin inside, which can be cooked and eaten with the meat after washing.

The burnt bacon skin is so cut, cooked, and delicious, and does not need to be separated from the bacon.

Moreover, bacon with skin is a bit better.

This is the classic way of eating bacon in the southern Hunan, Gui and Chongqing areas.

Precautions for eating bacon 1. As nitrite is formed during the pickling process, one principle must be mastered: nitrite is the highest value in 3-8 days, it begins to decay after 8 days, and it disappears after 15 days, so eating saltyMeat is safe for 2 months and 20 days after marinating.

2. Bacon is generally eaten by humans, but from a nutritional and health perspective, bacon is very beneficial to many people, especially patients with chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, stomach and duodenal ulcers and elderly friendsNot a suitable food.

First, the trace content of bacon is very high. Second, the bacon has a lot of nutritional losses during the production process. Third, the bacon has a high salt content.

3, bacon itself has a salty taste, when cooking, you should put salt appropriately according to personal taste.