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[Food to restore the function of the guide island]_What to do_How to solve

[Food to restore the function of the guide island]_What to do_How to solve

There are always some diabetic patients around us, and these diabetic patients are because their diabetes island function is gradually decreasing, leading to more and more serious conditions. Diabetic patients need to strictly control their diet. Many sugary foods areIt is not allowed to eat, because eating more sugary foods will lead to higher urine glucose in patients, so it is important for them to regulate the function of plasma islands, so what is the food to restore the function of track islands?

1. Consuming chromium-containing foods can help restore functional diabetes. Consuming chromium-containing foods can help repair islet function. Chromium is an essential trace element in the body. This trace nutrient element plays a role in all insulin regulation activities.Important role, this element can help insulin promote the efficiency of glucose into the cell, and is an important blood glucose regulator.

In terms of diabetes regulation, it has a key role in diabetic patients themselves.

And the lack of it in the human body will cause heart disease.

2. Many foods contain chromium. People with diabetes who want to add chromium should eat the following foods in moderation.

Including: mushrooms, eggs, wheat, peanuts, seaweed, milk, ginseng, ganoderma, astragalus and many more.

Ingesting some of the above foods in daily life has an adjuvant treatment effect on diabetes.

Foods to restore islet function 3, micronutrients affect insulin regulating activities Most people with diabetes are diseased due to impaired islet function and unable to secrete normally.

Diabetics eat foods containing chromium to help repair islet function. Chromium is an essential trace element in the body. This micronutrient plays an important role in all insulin regulating activities. This element can help glucose promote glucose into the cells.s efficiency.

Chinese herbal medicine to restore islet function For diabetes patients, it is very important to restore insulin function. Only when the plasma island function is completely restored to a physiological state can blood sugar remain stable for a long time.have what.

1. Agrimony can be used for astringency, hemostasis, hypoglycemia, cough and so on.

Its sexual taste is bitter, astringent and lukewarm.

Usage: Take 50 grams of celestial grass, pour boiling water into the cup, cover it for half an hour, and take while hot. This recipe has better effect on diabetes and diarrhea.

2, Digupi can be used for heat, cooling blood, purging liver fire.

The taste is sweet, light and cold.

To use, take ten grams of ground bone, rinse it with water and take it later.

This recipe is better for hyperhidrosis in patients with diabetes.

3, Chinese wolfberry can be used to nourish liver and kidney.

The taste is sweet and flat.

To use, take 15 grams of wolfberry, and pour boiling water into the cup. Take it later.

This prescription has weak limbs and impotence for diabetic patients. Recent studies have found that a large number of Chinese herbal medicines have a good blood glucose lowering effect, and proper application is very helpful for the treatment of diabetes.

Foods for restoring island function 4, Salvia miltiorrhizae decoction can significantly reduce blood sugar in experimental animals, and the effect can last for five hours, and can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, and treat diabetes with hypercoagulability and hyperlipidemia.

Usage: Salvia miltiorrhiza, pollen, kudzu root 15 grams each, astragalus 20 grams, schisandra chinensis 5 grams, honeysuckle vine, xuanshen ten grams each, and radix rehmanniae 10 grams (birth ground, mature ground).

After taking blood sugar, the blood sugar drops obviously, which can also suppress and prevent the increase of blood sugar caused by adrenaline, and can improve the hyperlipidemia and hypertension of diabetic patients.

When diabetic is clinical, it is usually accompanied by birthplace, Asparagus, Chinese wolfberry and so on.

5. Corn beard The corn beard starter has obvious hypoglycemic effect on experimental animal diabetes, and it can improve diabetic hypertension and kidney disease.

Usage: Forty-five grams of corn, thirty grams of scutellaria baicalensis, fifteen grams of atractylodes and porcine plasma are stewed for daily food therapy.