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[Contraindications of Turtle Soup]_Notes_Premise

[Contraindications of Turtle Soup]_Notes_Premise

In life, many people particularly like turtles. Turtles are also known as turtles. Their nutritional value is particularly high. Many people choose to drink soup with turtles when they eat turtles. This can make the turtles nutritional value.The effective volatilization is obtained in the soup. Most people eat turtle soup for the purpose of aphrodisiac and tonifying the kidneys. Eating too much at one time is likely to cause nosebleeds. So what is the contraindication to drinking turtle soup?

1. Turtle soup cannot be eaten with wine, fruit, melon, pork, and amaranth.

Slightly injured vitality, severe injuries.

2. Reason: Turtle meat has too much nutrition and is rich in protein and minerals. Turtle protein has certain anti-cancer effects, can inhibit tumor cells, and thus enhance the immune function of the body.

The turtle’s moisture, total sugar, and ash content were 80.

24%, 0.

66% and 0.


Turtle muscle has a protein content of 16.

64%, essential amino acids and umami amino acids accounted for 49 of the amino acid content.

16% and 43.

39%, Glu content is the most abundant in amino acid composition, namely the first molecular weight amino acid, amino acid is divided into 82.

63; Turtle muscle adult content is 1.

51%, fatty acid composition is mainly C18: 1, reaching 39.

32%, followed by C16: 0 and C22: 6 unsaturated fatty acids accounting for 76% of fatty acid glucose.


Eating alcohol, fruits, melons, pork, and amaranth can lead to protein, coldness and other excessive.

Damage to vitality can lead to death from poisoning.

3. Turtle meat’s medicinal effect: (1) Turtle is warm, sweet and salty, and has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing kidney and bones, strengthening kidney and heart, and impotence.

(2) The tortoise shell is gasy, salty, and cold, with the effects of nourishing yin and lowering fire, nourishing kidney and bones, nourishing blood and nourishing heart.

4. Indications: (1) Tumor.

(2) Turtle blood: treatment of prolapse of the anus, bruises and inhibition of tumor cell growth; (3) Turtle gallbladder: sweaty bitter, cold, treating swelling of the eyes after acne, irregular menstruation and inhibiting the growth of sarcoma.